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Dashboard - Creating Widgets

You can now customize your Dashboard by adding widgets.

The Dashboard allows creation of up to 10 widgets per user. To create  a widget:

  • Navigate to the DASHBOARD
  • Click on ADD WIDGET
  • Name your widget
  • Select widget type DRD RESULT
  • Select your options for the data you would like to populate (products, markets, author, time frame)
  • Click SAVE

Your widget will appear as a graph on the screen. To reposition or resize the widget and create a custom dashboard display, click on the double arrow in the lower right corner to resize, then drag and drop that window to your preferred location on the screen.


To edit or remove your widget, simply click on the small pencil in the upper left corner of the widget and then click EDIT.   You can make changes, or click DELETE to delete the widget from your screen.