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User Tips and FAQ's

1. What does the field header STAGE mean? 

  • Imported - the opportunity was entered using (not via the  DRD2.0 portal)
  • New - the opportunity was entered using DRD 2.0
  • Active- the opportunity is current 


2. I am entering an opportunity but I did not get the paging allowing me to CONVERT to get my google document. Why did this happen?

  • Is the opportunity for DIRECT or PRESALES ENGAGEMENT?
    • You only convert your own google docs in DIRECT opportunities. Enterprise opportunities are pushed to the assigned Pre-Sales lead for review. Your Pre-Sales lead will convert the google doc and you will see it on your Opportunities screen.


3. Did you know that the column headers in green on your opportunities page identify that column as sortable? You can sort your opportunities by Company, Market, Submitted by  person, etc. 


4. Did you know that you can email someone from within the portal?  When you are in an opportunity, you can click on any name that appears in green and it will allow you to either see their user profile, click contact and send an email; or you can click the name and it takes to directly to an email screen.