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IDA/YayPay Presales Document Review

4 Options for Impress  presales documents:

  • Distribute only App Pack
  • Impress Bundle Application Pack 
  • Scope of Work
  • Work order or Change order


DISTRIBUTE ONLY APP PACK                                

  • Always required for BASIC, but can be used for other platform IF the customer will use Distribute onIy
  • Replaces current Empower App pack
  • Presales not required, but available on request
  • 2 hours PS MUST be sold for customer initial set up and operator training
  • Additional 2 hours PS must be sold if customer will use digital functions (email, SMS, Portal) from the Distribute platform only
  • Completed, signed app pack required for order



  • Replaces previous Empower plus bundle App pack
  • Presales required to help confirm applications fit bundle profiles and correct pricing is estimated for PSO.
  • Completed, signed app pack is required with the order



    Any Impress platform that is NOT distribute only will require either a Scope of Work (SOW) or a Block of hours contract  (BHC)

    • SOW to be provided by Presales Solutions engineer
    • SOW projects are fixed price professional services solutions and require complete project details and data samples for all documents included in the scope.  Requirements or data not specifically defined within the scope will not be included in project delivery. 
    • The professional services team will configure the Impress platform according to requirements defined in the Scope.
    • Projects that do not have fully defined requirements; or where all data has not been tested will be sold with a BHC only with approval of Presales and PSO
    • PS hours exceeding estimate will require purchase of additional professional services to complete the project.
    • Estimate for product, professional services and project management pricing to be provided by Presales Solutions engineer and reviewed/approved by PSO



    YayPay Presales Documents:

    • Presales can now create a YayPay SOW document from within the portal (simple/complex)
    • YayPay Statement of work must be generated by Presales, and reviewed for approval with PSO prior to sale
    • Completed, signed SOW is required for all YayPay orders

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