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IMPORTANT: Empower or Distribute Only DRD

Impress Distribute


Effective February 15 there will be updates to the Presales Engagement Portal ( and presales document requirements.  We have added fields, and updated app pack requirements in order to better support our sales efforts to grow the BPA business and support the goals to quickly activate licenses and generate usage.


DISTRIBUTE ONLY APP PACK                                 (Live on DRD site 2/16)

  • Always required for Empower, but can be used for other platform IF the customer will use Distribute only
    • Replaces current Empower App pack*
    • Can be used for Empower, Evolve, Enhance or Expand if the only requirement is for Distribute (no automate, 3rd party plug ins, etc.)
    • Evolve app pack is no longer available and will require presales engagement.
    • Presales not required, but available on request
    • App pack is generated by selecting EMPOWER – Distribute Only as the anticipated product.
    • 2 hours PS MUST be sold for customer initial set up and operator training
    • Additional 2 hours PS must be sold if customer will use digital functions (email, SMS, Portal) from the Distribute platform only
    • Completed app pack required for order



NOTE: App packs for Empower and Evolve created before 2/16 will be accepted with orders until April 30, 2021.


All other presales documentation and processes remain the same.  DS64i Bundle, Scope of Work and Block hours contracted are used for all other projects